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MiCoST - Melaka City, Malaysia

Melaka International College of Science and Technology (MICOST) recently retrofitted its old fluorescent lighting with QEOS LED T8 Lights. Previously using traditional fluorescent lighting in their halls, corridors, classrooms, reception areas and offices. The flourescent lighting was costing the school over RM 137,694.33 over the past 5 years to run and had a annual high maintenance cost. Once the QEOS LED lighting came in, their overhead costs was greatly reduced and the students and staff get to enjoy a clear and bright studying environment.

Around 70% Reduced in Electricity Bill

QEOS LED proposed a lighting scheme that used its modern QEOS LED T8 Office Specification lights at 12.5 watts to replace 420 units of the 5 year old 41 watt fluorescent lighting. The lux levels were improved by approximately 65% and allowed the school to generate a cost savings of RM 100,752.00 for the next 5 years. The lighting comes with a 5 year warranty and an expected lifetime of more than 200,000 hours.

A Better Educational Environment

The new LED lighting installation has allowed the school to save huge amounts of money on energy and maintenance costs compared to their old lighting. This lighting was also beneficial as some of the students that attend the school that have hypersensitivity and some have visual impairments, so LED lighting was able to help make a more comfortable learning environment. The staff at the school say there has been a noticeable improvement and that the lighting allows for a better educational environment to work in.