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Telekom Malaysia - MITC Melaka, Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia engaged QEOS LED as an integral part in executing their sustainability goals. QEOS LED succeeded in offsetting energy costs through increased use of renewables such as the Hybrid solar systems, which is not only cost-effective, but such practices have a profound impact on the environment.

Huge Savings in Electricity Cost

Telekom Malaysia, a nation-wide communications service provider, undertook a lighting upgrade in their Melaka office facilities. After replacing their fluorescent tubes to LED, the company's first electricity bill since the upgrade shows that energy consumption has significantly reduced. QEOS LED undertook the project to replace their lighting with the QEOS LED long lasting and highly energy efficient T8 LED lights. These commercial graded units could run at 12 hours at 18W.

Telekom Malaysia with Hybrid Solar Systems by QEOS LED.

Hybrid solar systems take the best of both on and off-grid systems to provide stable, economical, environmental energy. The Polycrystalline Solar Panels installed are highly absorbent to sunlight and are able to charge the 3750Wh battery ultra fast. Once fully charged, the system can provide back-up power for 1 rainy day. Furthermore, the system comes with a 5 year peace-of-mind, performance warranty.